Moving Forward
Gained through the years experience allow us to participate in a wide range of international events and fora promoting our approaches and exploring new trends and innovations
International Conference «Comprehensive Approach to Social Protection and Food Security for Sustainable Development» was held in Moscow on the 21-22 October, 2013, focused on the discussion of the role of the comprehensive social protection systems for sustainable development which include food security and human resource development programs for poor and vulnerable population.

Best national practices of social protection programs design and implementation were presented by the participants from 30 countries representing both G20 and non-G20 partner countries, international organizations, development agencies and NGOs.

The meeting provided a solid platform for discussion on best practices in social protection and food security for achieving sustainable development.

SIFI President presented the Russian experience in the sphere of school feeding and described about international projects implemented in cooperation with UN World Food Programme.

The conference was largely contributed to the G20 outreach agenda involving all interested stakeholders in discussion of development and implementation of the cross cutting approach to food security, human resource development and social protection. That was resulted in the final Chairs' Summary.

SIFI in cooperation with World Bank co-orginize the Seminar "Food Security Through Safety Nets and Risk Management" aimed at facilitating the discussion on one of the most important Russia's G20 Presidency priority area – addressing food security challenges through development and implementation of social safety nets programs and risk management.

Discussion during the seminar covered broad issues of integrated approach to food security and nutrition through increase of productivity, technology development, market improvement.

Participants shared the experiences and discussed best practices of G20 countries and international organizations on the implementing policies and existing initiatives on this crucial area.

At the seminar were identified future challenges in food security area such as the imbalance of supply and demand due to slowing productivity growth and fast population and income growth. Participants discussed existing initiatives and approaches such as the Platform for Agriculture Risk Management (PARM), to be hosted at IFAD, WFP's new school feeding projects in the MENA and CIS regions, activities under the Rapid Social Response Program (RSR).

The seminar underlined the importance of global collaboration in the field of social safety net programmes, including through the work of the Social Protection Inter Agency Board, towards enhancing the global coordination on food security and developing the productive capacity of vulnerable groups.

Another focus was given to the role of rural areas in development issues including food security. This could be addressed through targeted public investments, de-risking and rewarding (responsible) investment, private sector encouragement, capacity development as well as social protection floors and safety nets.