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SIFI team demonstrated work of the school-base canteen in Nurek

Our work on the implementation of Action Plan of Programme of Pilot Projects for the development of school feeding in the Republic of Tajikistan continues. And now, the school-base canteen (SBC) was newly organized at school No 4 in Nurek.

Today at school No. 4 the SIFI team demonstrated the entire process of the SBC work from preparing hot meals to transporting them to one of the neighboring schools-satellites. The new school year will begin for young students of these schools with nutritious and safe meals, which will be delivered steaming hot directly from the SBC.

School No. 4 was a great fit for a pilot project: a large production facility, the availability of all the necessary infrastructure and a close proximity to neighboring smaller schools.

With the help of UN WFP and SIFI, the school was equipped with the necessary technological equipment. Now it can cook hot meals both for school itself and for neighboring schools, which are small and unable to organize hot meals on-site.