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The Healthy Nutrition Festival was carried out in Bishkek for the first time

On Saturday, December 8, for the first time the Healthy Nutrition Festival was carried out in Bishkek. We organized this Festival under the project on school feeding optimization together with the United Nations World Food Program (UN WFP) in Kyrgyzstan and with the support of Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republiс.

The event was organized to rais parents and kids interest in healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. About two hundred of primary school age children and their parents gathered at the central site of one of the major shopping centers in the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

On the Festival during the interactive show the guests learned about the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, took part in master classes. Parents learned recipes of healthy and affordable seasonal dishes, tested their knowledge on proper nutrition subject in a quiz.

The small participants competed in interactive games and quests to get the title of superagents of a healthy lifestyle. The most active children and their parents received pleasant and useful prizes.

"Such interactive, simple, fun, but at the same time educational initiatives allow children to form healthy eating habits, which will become the basis for their development and health," said WFP United Nations Country Director in Kyrgyzstan Andrea Bagnoli.

The idea of the Festival was born last year, when WFP and the Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute, supported by the Bishkek City Administration and the Ministry of Education, held a Healthy Nutrition Week in the capital's gymnasium №64 to develop proper nutrition, hygiene and healthy lifestyle habits among schoolchildren and their parents.

The event was so successful that it grew into the Festival which will not be a single — in many schools in the country, especially in the pilot schools of the project on school feeding optimization, it is planned to conduct healthy eating lessons, thematic contests and games.

Today about 500 schools in Kyrgyzstan have become participants of the initiative to improve school feeding. They have been equipped with modern equipment, cooks have been trained to prepare high-quality school meals. More than 145,000 primary school students all over the country already receive hot meals, and their number will continue to grow thanks to plans on expanding the project.