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The best school gardens in Armenia receive their awards

Today the winner of the "Best School Mini Garden" competition School No. 3 named after Hovhannes Tumanyan in Vanadzor city of Lori marz received guests. The occasion is outstanding - the solemn reward of the winners of the “greenest” competition in the history of the school feeding programme in Armenia.

The winners were congratulated by the UN WFP, “School Feeding and Child Welfare” Agency, SIFI, as well as the head of the department of education of the marzpetaran Aram Grigoryan.

The competition has become an integral part of the school feeding programme in Armenia and aims to promote the establishment of school gardens at the national level. School gardens and greenhouses make school meals better and more sustainable. School plates are diversified with color, taste and the benefits of natural vegetables, fruits and greens. Children learn to work on the land, from an early age learning the basics of agricultural work, and at the same time, they join healthy eating habits.

Since 2020, WFP established 19 greenhouses, 16 intensive orchards, and 9 intensive berry gardens across the country to complement the School Feeding Programme. They not only help to diversify the schoolchildren's diet with healthy foods, but also become a source of stable income for schools that can sell surplus crops.

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