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Charentsavan №6 and Goght schools students in Kotayk marz will learn the secrets of healthy breakfast

This time, together with WFP we decided to talk about healthy eating not only with primary school students. It is also important for high school students to know how to maintain their health. In addition to the fact that the elders themselves learn useful information, they can also become ambassadors of ideas for healthy eating for the younger ones. And children are happy to listen to their older friends and love to imitate them. It was on this idea that we built the concept of an online marathon for high school students "Healthy breakfast for me and you."

From April 26 to May 7, eighth grade students will take part in a three-day online marathon, where they will learn about the benefits of a healthy breakfast, what foods to choose for a productive day and a cheerful mood, as well as ideas for preparing a quick and healthy breakfast. They will take part in an online seminar from WFP nutritionist Vardanush Petrosyan. And based on the results of the study, as part of the creative competition, they will shoot videos about the benefits of breakfast for younger friends.

In the meantime, primary school students will take part in an exciting quest on the topic of a healthy breakfast, led by parents at home, based on materials prepared by SIFI and WFP.