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Double Fest for Gandzak School №2 in Armenia

Today, school №2 in the village of Gandzak in Gegharkunik marz celebrated two joyful events - The Harvest Day and the opening of a renovated school canteen.

School №2 became that very case when every little bit helps. “School Feeding and Child Welfare” Agency partnered with WFP and SIFI to donate furniture for the school canteen. Parents and teachers raised funds for the purchase of utensils for the canteen and kitchen. SIFI representatives donated fruit trees that were planted in the school garden.

The holiday was a success: creative performances from school students, a healthy lifestyle anthem performed by primary school students, an exhibition of the school harvest, as well as dishes prepared by parents' caring hands from vegetables and fruits collected from the school garden.

The school is very lucky with caring parents. They actively support the administration in everything, and help to replenish the school budget. For example, under one of the school projects, children, together with their mothers and grandmothers, harvest fruits from the school garden, and prepare dried fruits in the school canteen for sale. Part of the proceeds is directed to support students from vulnerable families, and part - to school needs.

Children at school, in addition to the school curricula, study extended learning activities. But these are not boring classroom lessons. The school has a special club where students study local plants and their use in medicine and nutrition. Children themselves collect plants from the school garden: sea buckthorn, basil, mint, thyme, dry these plants, and the school sells the products to the Rita tea company. The proceeds also go to support vulnerable families and school needs.

This is how a school from a small village can help the formation of a great future for its students!