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FAO opens greenhouses in Armenian schools

This spring FAO, together with SIFI and the supplier companies, installed three different size greenhouses with modern heating, ventilation and drip irrigation systems in the schools of Ararat region — in school №1 of Vedi, schools of Verin Artashat and Surenavan.

Therefore in one of the schools where the largest greenhouse was installed, the Grand Opening Ceremony was carried out. The event attended the Deputy Minister of Agriculture RA Ashot Harutyunyan, representatives of the FAO, SIFI, the Ministry of Education and Science RA, international organizations, headmasters of three pilot schools and the headmaster of the Agroschool in Getashen Gevorg Mukoyan.

According to the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Ashot Harutyunyan, the implementation of such a programme is very important, because children from school age are brought up through labor, they see its value and result of their work: "The team was enthusiastic, both among teachers and schoolchildren. This means that the greenhouses will be at the center of attention - getting a large amount of good crop will be an additional incentive for the project's success. "

"Our goal is to strengthen the link between schools and farmers and to expand their knowledge in the field of healthy nutrition and sustainable agriculture," said Mauricio Rosales, FAO project senior coordinator, "ultimately, this programme provides a link between agriculture, nutrition and social protection under the national food systems".

The directors of the pilot schools greeted the participants and spoke about the project launch in their schools, thanked all its participants, organizators and assistants. And also congratulated children on the opening of the greenhouses — now their school meals will be added with fresh tasty vegetables right from the garden bed. In addition, pupils now have the opportunity to learn in practice all the details of agricultural labor.

The headmaster of Agroschool in Getashen shared his school's unique experience: "We grow apricot trees. Each pupil has its own tree. Every day every child takes care of his tree, and when he finishes school, he hands this responsible task to the next generation. Not a piece of land in the school grounds remains free. All is used for growing fruits and vegetables. We aim at school providing itself with food. The crop from the school garden goes directly to the school canteen, so that children eat fresh, organic products.Taking care of plantings, they receive unique useful knowledge in the field of agriculture. The motto of the school in Getashen: let's all look for opportunities together, not reasons! I advise everyone to adopt this motto!".

After the official part, the event continued with an interactive theatrical performance with the participation of pilot schools children. In the game form high school students told the children from elementary school about greenhouses, what they need for and how to set plants and take care of them.

At the end of the event, the school's headmaster Valentina Avetisyan and FAO Senior Project Coordinator Mauricio Rosales cut the ribbon at the entrance of the greenhouse, which marked a new stage in the life of the school!

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