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Fresh tomatoes for lunch – the schoolchildren celebrate the first harvest

The staff and pupils of Vedi secondary school were all present today at school, despite the fact that the school year is over and pupils enjoy their summer holidays. The reason was more than justified – the greenhouse gave the first harvest! There was tasty food, Armenian national dances and admiration, which was seen in everyone's eyes.

This greenhouse is the smallest in size from the three established in Ararat marz implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), in technical partnership with the Russian Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute (SIFI).

Compared to its size, the harvest was very rich, for which, of course, a big credit goes to the caring staff and pupils of the school.

The principal of the school Mrs. Papoyan expressed her gratitude to FAO and SIFI for the valuable work done and for the willingness and kindness to help her in realization of the dream project. "Words cannot express the feelings that I have today, and how much thankful I am to all of you for your support and input in this hard work", she said. "Our pupils have the chance to taste the fresh grown vegetables throughout the whole year, which will add up to their nutritional value and dietary diversity".

At the end of the event the pupils, teachers and all invitees tasted the fresh tomatoes which were served together with cooked buckwheat – the hot meal of the day!