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SIFI took part in the Nutrition Forum at the IX Congress of CIS Pediatricians in Tajikistan

On October 10-11, the IX Congress of CIS Pediatricians "Сhildren's health formation in modern healthcare conditions" was held at the National Library in Dushanbe.

Under the Congress the III Nutrition Forum also was held: "Nutrition as part of the implementation of the National Development Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan for the period until 2030".

Participants (UN FAO, UN WFP and SIFI) highlighted current nutrition issues of mothers and children in Tajikistan and shared best practices on children's health and proper nutrition.

An additional session was dedicated to the School Meals Programme in Tajikistan. Suhrob Babadjanov (SIFI) spoke about the implementation of the Programme in 50 pilot schools.

On September 13 in Tajikistan the work of all pilot schools was officially launched. In all these schools, the catering units are renovated and equipped with the necessary equipment and furniture. The staff of the school canteen was trained in the main areas and requirements of the organization of school meals. Also, SIFI experts have developed new school menus and the School Meals Recipe Book, thanks to which primary school students now receive tasty, varied and balanced meals.