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The official ceremony of The Healthy Nutrition Week closing was carried out in Armenia and Tajikistan

Armenia Tajikistan
Today in Armenia and Tajikistan we have completed the Healthy Nutrition Week, dedicated to the International School Meals day.

In both countries, the closing ceremony of the Week brought together young students and their parents, teachers, representatives of the Governments, local authorities, UN agencies and international organizations.

"We are here today to celebrate our efforts to eradicate food insecurity, malnutrition and poverty in Armenia. The World Food Programme is appealing to partners to join forces and invest in improving the access to nutritionally diversified healthy food every day for every person and enable people exercise their fundamental right to food", said Jelena Milosevic, WFP Representative and Country Director in Armenia.

Zoir Sharipov, the representative of the UN WFP in Tajikistan, pointed out that such events are very important for promoting healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition among the population, especially children. He also added that this is a great opportunity to teach children knowledge and skills that they do not receive under standard education program.

At the closing ceremony of the Healthy Nutrition Week, the winners of the hand-crafted contest "My Handmade Gift for the School Canteen" were presented with certificates and pleasant prizes - soft toys shaped as bright fruits and vegetables. Primary school students took part in thematic interactive games, where they demonstrated the knowledge gained during the Week and received superagents of healthy lifestyle certificates and memorable gifts as a reward.

During the five days of interactive learning, entertaining thematic games and talks and physical exercises at the lessons, primary school children learned all about the basics of healthy lifestyle and eating culture. Now they can pass on their knowledge to their relatives, friends and family - to their whole environment, explain the harmful effects of malnutrition, the importance of the diversity of the diet, the benefits of fruits and vegetables for the children's body. And of course, use this knowledge in their life in order to take care of their health from an early age.