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Cooking art in school canteens: Kyrgyzstan to select Best School Cook 2024

Get ready for the culinary feast that is about to start in Kyrgyzstan! Together with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and the UN World Food Programme we are pleased to announce the third annual competition for school chefs in Kyrgyzstan.

It is not just a competition but an opportunity for talented cooks to show off their skills and be inspired by new ideas for making school lunches tastier and healthier.

The main goal of the competition is to praise the professionalism of school cooks and educate the country's population about the importance of school meals for children's health. By participating in the contest, school cooks must showcase their imagination and come up with innovative culinary ideas while making dishes for schoolchildren. In addition, over the three years of its existence, the competition has become a platform where school cooks share their secrets and establish new contacts to help them in their future work.

This year, the competition is taking on a new format: for the first time, the winners of previous years will become members of the jury of the qualifying rounds, promising to exchange experiences and ideas at all competition stages.

The competition will consist of three stages.

Registration: applications for participation are accepted from April 8 to May 25, 2024.

Registered participants make it to the next stage, the qualifying round, the date of which will be announced later.

The qualifying round will take place at school canteens in each of the seven regions. The participants will prepare dishes from the Kyrgyz School Meals Recipe Book. The winners from each region will advance to the finals.

The final part of the competition will take place in November 2024 and will include two stages: homework (participants must present their own unique recipe for a hot school dish) and a culinary duel, in which the finalists must prepare a salad and drink from the proposed ingredients in 20 minutes.

Based on the results of all tasks, the Best School Cook 2024 will be announced.

This year promises to be filled with delicious surprises and culinary achievements in the world of school meals. Participate and stay tuned to discover who will be the Best School Cook of the year 2024!

You can view the terms and conditions of the competition by following the LINK.


The Best School Cook competition was first held in November 2019. With plenty of positive reviews from participants and the public, the competition has become an annual tradition, bringing together the best school chefs from all over Kyrgyzstan. This event was a milestone in implementing the UN WFP School Meals Optimization program that impacts more than 250,000 primary school children in 888 schools nationwide. School cooks have the opportunity to develop their skills in preparing safe and tasty school meals, making a significant contribution to improving school feeding.