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Saving Droplet’s fairytale waterworld: Kotayk marz celebrates World Food Day

In recent years, more and more countries have been actively involved in global initiatives to improve food safety and promote healthy lifestyles. Armenia, where the School Feeding Programme has been successfully implemented for over ten years, does not stand aside, and primary school children regularly participate in events aimed at promoting the ideas of a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. World Food Day traditionally becomes an excellent occasion to once again remind people about the importance of safe, affordable, and wholesome nutrition.

The theme of the 2023 WFD celebration was “Water is life, water is food. Leave no one behind”. It highlighted the necessity to safeguard water resources and the significance of clean and fresh water for food production, food security, and human and environmental health.

The celebrations in Armenia were held from November 13 to 17. The UN World Food Programme (UN WFP), in collaboration with Russia’s Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute (SIFI) and the School Feeding and Child WelfareAgency, invited primary school children to indulge in the world of water and healthy nutrition. The educational journey started with an interactive classroom hour and culminated with an unusual show performance with quest elements. But first things first.

Classroom hour about fairytale Droplet’s world

On November 13, primary school children of Balahovit Secondary School after Isahak Virabyan (Kotayk Marz) took part in an interactive classroom hour with quest elements.

During the classroom hour, the teachers explained the importance of drinking enough water during the day and gave the children special water trackers and water bottles. The children had to drink water every day of the week, and after each time drinking, they had to color a glass in the tracker.

Afterward, an exciting quest kicked off. The children received a letter from Droplet, who told them that the waterworld was in danger and was asking for their help. The Droplet left the children five hints and tasks, inspiring them to find a solution for preserving the waterworld. Children did their best to help the Droplet. They started looking for clues while teachers helped them conduct experiments. After completing each task, the children were encouraged by a picture of a water drop with an important fact about water on the other side, which the teachers put on the blackboard.

While fulfilling the tasks, children learned interesting information about water and how it benefits the human body and the environment. When all the water drop pictures were gained at the end of the quest, teachers finally turned them and read the advice written on the back sides as a solution for rescuing the waterworld.

  1. Eat local and seasonal foods; eat more fresh and raw foods
  2. Reduce the amount of food waste
  3. Save water
  4. Save power
  5. Do not pollute water

Immersive performance about tasty and healthy food

On the last day of the week, the children of grades 2 and 3 of Balahovit secondary school were welcomed to “The Legends of Aramayis,” an immersive performance brimming with interactive elements. They were asked to bring their water trackers and bottles to share their success in acquiring another healthy habit, i.e., drinking enough water during the day.

The performance featured diverse experiences, including puppet and shadow theater and musical and sand-painting shows. This helped keep the kids engaged, let them fully immerse themselves in the story, and teach them the fundamentals of a nutritious and well-balanced diet in a playful manner.

According to the plot of the performance, two brothers - Aram and Mayis - who were cooks and magicians at the same time, were telling the legends about the Magical Cart that they inherited from their Grandfather Aramayis. The Magical Cart could give any food one asked, but the brothers told to only ask for healthy food, and helped the children identify healthy products throughout the performance.

The actors were telling different stories about proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and, of course, reminded children of the importance of drinking enough water and offered to take another sip from their nice bottles.

Via the original sand-painting show, a beautiful Armenian legend of Vardavar was performed accompanied by the traditional “Kaqavik” song. The children were impressed and started to sing the song all together.

The atmosphere was filled with joyous singing and laughter as the children absorbed the valuable lessons. As a delightful conclusion to the event, they were gifted with Healthy Lifestyle Calendars specially curated to promote a healthy lifestyle. Each month in the calendar hosts a wealth of information presented in the form of enchanting fairy tales. Riddles, recipes, and engaging games are incorporated into each page, making the calendar not just informative but also entertaining.

The event was a resounding success, effectively imparting valuable knowledge about healthy living while ensuring the children had a fun-filled and memorable experience. It fostered an environment of learning through play, leaving a lasting impact on the young minds and their understanding of the importance of a balanced diet and the role of water in their lives.