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Teaching to eat healthy: SIFI, WFP to hold Healthy Eating Week in Tajikistan

The World Food Programme (WFP) and the Russian Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute (SIFI) are launching a Healthy Eating Week educational campaign for children and parents in Tajikistan. Events dedicated to International School Meals Day will be held from March 4 to 7 at No. 26 school in the Danghara district of Khatlon region.

For all participants, the Week promises to become a real feast of knowledge and inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle. They will enter a world where healthy eating is not only beneficial but also highly engaging. Along with learning the value of macro- and micronutrients, children and their parents will explore a wide variety of new tastes and learn how to choose natural products.

Primary school children will attend educational classes to learn how to develop a balanced diet and understand the impact of food on our bodies. They will also be able to showcase their imagination by participating in the “New Dishes in My School Canteen” creative drawing/crafting competition and submitting their own healthy dish recipes for the school menu.

The school canteen, in turn, will offer new dishes to diversify the diet and inspire children to develop correct taste habits.

The Week will end with a magical interactive performance about delicious and healthy food. Children will participate in the performance, paint on the water (ebru), play musical instruments, and sing about vitamins.

Parents will take part in a nutritionist’s cooking masterclass to gain an understanding of the healthy plate principle and learn how to prepare wholesome meals for the whole family.

The Healthy Eating Week in Tajikistan will become a vibrant event that unites children, parents, and teachers striving for a healthy and happy future.