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The Grand Opening of the Logistics Center in Kyrgyzstan

Today in the city the of Kemin in Chuy Region of Kyrgyzstan the Grand Opening of the Logistics Center was carried out.

Directors of the district schools, representatives of the sectoral ministries, representatives of the district and regional administration, representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Embassy of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute from Russia (Vladimir Chernigov and Elena Bolotnikova) and representatives of the UN WFP (Andrea Bagnoli) and UN FAO (Dorjee Kinlay) took part in the event.

The Logistics Center, which goal is to create a sustainable centralized model for the supply of agricultural products produced by local farmers was presented to the participants. The logistics center will help improve the quality of meals in schools and other social institutions of the Kemin district.

After the presentation of the pilot project and the Opening Ceremony at the entrance of the Center, the demonstration of the Center was carried out for the participants.The Logistics Center consists of three separate warehouses which are planned to accept products, check their quality and store them at temperature of 0°С + 5°С.

The Center is equipped with the equipment necessary for cold storage and laboratory quality control of agricultural products. Timely delivery of fresh natural products to schools will be carried out by a special freight vehicle with a thermobox.The Logistics Center was created under the FAO project "Developing Capacity for Strengthening Food Security and Nutrition in Selected Countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia".