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Vladimir Chernigov visited Kyrgyzstan to discuss school meals improvement in the country

The current legal system in the school feeding organization field should be improved. But this is not enough to improve the quality of school meals and the nutrition of children in general. In addition to the laws, it is necessary to work with public. Schoolchildren parents should monitor the quality of food in school canteens. And teachers (of course, with parents' participation) conduct extracurricular work with students to promote the principles of healthy lifestyle and nutrition.

On June 27, Gulmira Kudaiberdiev, Minister of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, Andrea Bagnoli, UN WFP Country Director, and Vladimir Chernigov, President of SIFI, met to discuss all these issues.

Vladimir Chernigov noted that the changes to the law on school meals and the transition of all schools to hot meals will bring fundamental changes in all areas related to the school feeding organization.

The Minister, in turn, highlighted the importance of public outreach to explain the need of proper nutrition at school and at home.

The Government is seriously concerned about school meals quality improvement in the country and is paying special attention to this. On the same day, on June 27, Deputy Prime Minister Altynai Omurbekova received Vladimir Chernigov and Andrea Bagnoli. The parties discussed issues related to improving the quality of school meals, adopting a roadmap to optimize it, improving the regulatory framework and expanding the coverage of schools with hot meals.

Vladimir Chernigov noted that the analysis of the current diet of children requires great attention in order to understand what vitamins and minerals the child's body lacks and, on this basis, make an appropriate menu.

Altynai Omurbekova also announced that the draft law "On school meals organization in general educational organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic" was adopted by the parliament in the first reading.

The legislative proposal should form the basis of measures to improve the school feeding system and the organization of hot meals in all schools of the country without exception.