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Tajikistan joins the world in celebrating World Food Day

Today, in the observance of World Food Day, people around the globe come together to celebrate and honour the common initiative of achieving a world where everyone has access to the safe, healthy, and nutritious food that they deserve and need.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and the Social and Industrial Food Service Institute (SIFI) in close collaboration with the Government of Tajikistan have organized events under the 2020 theme of World Food Day ‘Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.’

World Food Day and FAO75 was the focus of specialized TV and radio programmes, a photo exhibition, a cooking show and quizzes. An awareness raising campaign runs in cinemas, where a short video spot is broadcasted to salute to food heroes during pandemic COVID-19.
World Food Day 2020 is a day calling for action to tackle global food insecurity and transforming agricultural systems. This year’s is exceptional as many countries are dealing with the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, World Food Day provides an opportunity for global cooperation and solidarity.

“World Food Day shows the importance of food for the planet. Since 1996, FAO helped Tajikistan in post-war recovery and rebuilding its agricultural sector. Now more than 50 dedicated professionals of our team are implementing projects to support the agricultural sector’s reforms, introduce innovative technologies among smallholder farmers, and improve value chains, “ said Oleg Guchgeldiyev, FAO Representative in Tajikistan. “FAO will continue to support producers in applying new technologies in production, strengthening agrifood systems to ensure food for, as well as in providing sustainable livelihoods to the vulnerable during and after the pandemic.”

While COVID-19 is threatening food security, agricultural livelihoods and incomes all over the world, it also underpins the importance of individual actions in transforming our food systems by changing the way we produce, consume, and waste our food.

"World Food Day is a day when I want to express my special gratitude to the people whose work makes food systems sustainable, and whose children eat well thanks to our school feeding programmes. We have been working with WFP, FAO, and the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan for more than seven years to develop a sustainable school feeding system in the country. Over the years, we have achieved a lot. More and more children in rural schools receive hot and balanced meals. There is still a lot of work ahead to improve the nutrition of the younger generation, and it is necessary to involve both the parents and the public in this process. After all, eating at home and eating at school should be one interconnected. Only by this we can make a significant contribution to the health of children and their prosperous future,” emphasized President of the Social and Industrial Food Service Institute (SIFI) in the Russian Federation, Vladimir Chernigov.

In a time like this, it is more important than ever to support our food producers, farmers, and workers of the entire food value chain.

Many people around the world are working for eradication of hunger in a variety of ways through institutions and organizations, as well through individual efforts. These activities are important, however what is greatly needed is fundamental shift in our thinking, in our attitude, and in our way of behaving towards achieving world free of hunger.