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The Healthy Nutrition Week will take place in Armenia in honor of World Food Day

Healthy Nutrition Week is dedicated to World Food Day, a holiday celebrated annually under the auspices of the United Nations on October 16.

From 12 to 16 October at school №6 in Charentsavan city of Kotayk marz, third-grade students will get acquainted with the basic principles of healthy nutrition.

Let us tell you about the school that was chosen for the Healthy Nutrition Week.

Of all six schools in the city, this school is the first to commit to participating in WFP School Meals Programme.

The school headmaster a caring and very positive woman, says that there were many difficulties, but she is one of those people who, if they get down to business, go to the end: “I brought the stove to the school kitchen from home, I understood that this was a great opportunity to feed the children at school and tried to do everything to participate in the Programme.

At the beginning, I did not receive strong support from students' parents, many looked skeptical, said that children would not eat such food, but I was sure, they would! And so it happened! Children eat everything with pleasure! And even what they don't eat at home, they eat at school, driven by a sense of collectivism!

I'm an adherent of healthy nutrition, so we always have fresh vegetable salads on our tables. It is a pity that the canteen had to be closed due to the pandemic. The lack of school meals is very much felt. Both for children and their parents. After all, school meals are a great support for parents. They don't have to pay money for meals at school and are calm that the child is not hungry and dont eat something bad”.

This time, we are hosting Healthy Nutrition Week under the strict restrictions because of COVID-19. But they will not interfere with the exciting activities and tasks that children will go through during the school week, learning a lot of interesting things about healthy lifestyle and eating.