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Community development work continues in Arpi


Arpi's working days were diluted today with two significant meetings at the “Arpi Community Development and Investment” Fund.

At the meeting of the Board of the Fund a new version of the Regulation on the School Feeding Supervisory Board, which included a representative of the “School Feeding and Child Welfare” Agency (NCEDI), was adopted.

At the meeting of the School Feeding Supervisory Board under the Fund, reports were made on the work carried out with funds received from the project participants (local entrepreneurs and farmers). With this money, the kitchen at the school of Alvar was already repaid and it is planned to purchase equipment.

Also, repair works are underway at the school of Ardenis. The schools in the villages of Zorakert and Tsakhkut have sent applications for help in renovating their school kitchen facilities.

This is how an uninterrupted school feeding support chain works in one small and remote community in Armenia.

The Arpi lake community has become a pilot project sight where based on the economic and geographic characteristics of the region different mechanisms for the development of sustainable National School Feeding Programme are tested by WFP and SIFI.

The emphasis is on increasing community funding. So WFP and SIFI are investing in local businesses to make them profitable. Part of the proceeds of the enterprise is given to the Fund, which further distributes these funds for the school feeding development in the community.