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In Tajikistan trainings for bakers were carried out under the UN WFP School Meals Programme

The SIFI team in collaboration with UN WFP conducted one-day trainings for bakers who make bread for school meals. The first training was carried out on March 2 for bakers from Yavan and Pyanj, and on March 4 - for bakers from Isfara city and B. Gafurov and J. Rasulov districts.

During one day, the participants were trained the modern standards for the production of bakery products, updated their knowledge of sanitary norms and rules, and learned the peculiarities of preparing different types of dough. In practice, they learned how to work with new equipment and baked aromatic bread and buns.

The local bakery is a reliable support for schools in Tajikistan, which for various reasons cannot prepare fresh bread for school meals on their own.

In such cases, the amount of flour, oil, and salt for baking bread under the School Meals Programme is supplied to the bakery instead of the school canteen. There they bake bread for school meals.

This kind of cooperation in many cities and villages has been going on for many years. Time runs. The equipment becomes outdated. Bakers need to improve their professional skills in accordance with modern realities.

Under the UN WFP project we are helping these bakeries with new modern equipment increasing production capacity, arranging educational trainings for bakers.