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The Healthy Nutrition Week started In Armenia and Tajikistan

Armenia Tajikistan
Today, in Armenian school No. 1 in Ashtarak and Tajik school No. 49 in the Yavan district of the Khatlon region, we launched the Healthy Nutrition Week which coincided with the International School Meals Day on March 14.

The Week started with an interactive show "School of Healthy Lifestyle", where the superagents of healthy lifestyle through exciting games taught young students the principles of proper nutrition and personal hygiene. Also the creative contest "My handmade gift to the school canteen" was announced. At the end of the Week the children will also be able to become the superagents of healthy lifestyle.

During the school week, every day students will learn something new about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, healthy and bad products, vitamins and minerals.

Every day in the school canteen the special menu "International cuisine" will be represented by the dishes from different countries, each of which brings its own benefit to the children's bodies.

During the classes children will have fun gymnastics, and at home they will conduct special good habit trackers.

At the end of the Healthy Nutrition Week third-grade students will take part in thematic interactive games, for the victory in which they will receive real superagents of healthy lifestyle certificates!

Why do we hold such events? Schoolchildren's health is one of the priorities of the modern school. And proper nutrition during the child's stay at school is one of the necessary conditions for maintaining his health and ability to learn successfully.