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Trainings for pilot school cooks will be held in Tajikistan

The first day of spring — the beginning of the new season — coincided for us with a new stage in the School Meals Development Pilot Programme in Tajikistan.

Today we announce the beginning of school meals organization trainings for cooks of 35 pilot schools in the Khatlon region. Trainings will be held from March 6 to March 13 in the Rudaki, Yavan districts and the city of Kulyab.

Cooks will learn the basic requirements for equipping the school canteens, the rules of organizing the cook's workplace, sanitary rules and norms for organizing school meals. They will also learn how to make a school menu, and all about the technology of preparing safe and healthy food for schoolchildren.

On March 5 in Rudaki, new school menu developed by our team will be presented to the representatives of the departments of education, parents committees and headmasters of pilot schools.

Four options of menu for schoolchildren will be presented, each takes into account:
  • products that the WFP provides schools (flour, vegetable oil, salt, peas)
  • parent's voluntary contributions
  • cost of products purchased on parent's contributions
  • norms of the energy and nutrients needs for children
  • requirements for the organization of school meals in the Republic of Tajikistan.

In 2018 in 50 schools in Khatlon region of Tajikistan the School Meals Development Pilot Programme was launched . Under the Programme the school canteens were repaired and reequipped.

New balanced menus have been developed especially for these schools. Аn important part of the menus is the purchase of an additional set of products on voluntary contributions from parents. The composition and variety of the proposed school menu will vary depending on the size of the contributions.