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Russia continues to help Kyrgyzstan improve school meals

The Government of the Russian Federation is set to allocate $15 million to implement the third stage of the project aimed at enhancing the school feeding system in Kyrgyzstan through the UN WFP in 2023-2026.

From 2013 to 2023, Russia has already assigned $22 million, which enables more than 200 thousand children across the Republic to enjoy hot school meals. Over 850 school canteens were renovated and equipped with modern kitchen appliances. Four thousand tons of fortified wheat flour were supplied, and an additional three thousand jobs were created for school cooks and kitchen workers.

This fall, 49 more schools joined the UN WFP’s “School Meals Optimization in the Kyrgyz Republic” project. The canteens of these schools were also restored and renovated. It was a real teamwork: community residents, local authorities, and everyone interested in improving the nutrition of the younger generation joined efforts to achieve the best results.

“The main task was to put the school canteens in order and install the necessary kitchen equipment,” says Kojiro Nakai, WFP Country Director in Kyrgyzstan. “Together with the Ministry of Education and Science and the Russian Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute, we purchased more than 33 types of modern kitchen equipment and fortified wheat flour. At the same time, we conducted training for school cooks, organized parent meetings on healthy lifestyles and nutrition, and briefings for school administrations. We strive to ensure that the younger generation is healthy and successful. With the help of the school, we would like to educate the population of the Republic about the importance of quality nutrition for the health and academic progress of primary school children.”