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Tajikistan to hold first-ever Best School Mini Garden Competition

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, the UN World Food Programme, and the Russian Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute (SIFI) are pleased to announce the launch of a unique Best School Mini Garden competition as part of the School Feeding Programme. The project is aimed at supporting and developing school gardens to improve the quality of education and nutrition for schoolchildren, as well as fostering the active involvement of parents and local residents in the School Feeding Programme.

All schools enrolled in the School Feeding Programme are eligible to participate.

The competition theme is “Green Vegetable Garden: Our Path to a Healthy Future.” Participants are supposed organize work from scratch on a school plot allocated for a small vegetable garden, which must be cultivated according to the principles of organic farming with the involvement of primary school children, parents, high school students, local farmers, and public organizations.

The competition will take place in three stages:

  • Schools register by July 25, 2024.
  • Schools submit projects by November 15, 2024.
  • The jury announces the winners by December 20, 2024.

Schools will compete for the title of Best School Mini Garden and Best School Greenhouse. Each winner will receive a grant of 10,000 somoni. Participants who come second and third will receive valuable prizes in the amount of 5,000 somoni.

“The School Feeding Programme is a vital initiative that not only addresses hunger and improves children's nutrition but also elevates education to a new level. Additional events like this competition are crucial to maintaining the sustainability of the programme and maximizing its impact. By joining our efforts, local communities are contributing to a larger effort to improve the living standards of the younger generation. The idea of ​​the school garden competition is exactly about this,” SIFI President Vladimir Chernigov says.

The Best School Mini Garden competition offers a unique opportunity for children to learn about the benefits of vegetables, fruits, and herbs and try to grow them. They will learn to care for plants, harvest crops, and prepare healthy dishes from organically grown products. Participating in the competition will also help develop valuable skills such as planning and organization. These skills will be beneficial to schoolchildren in the future, especially if they decide to pursue a career in agriculture.

School gardens are good for children and the environment. Such projects teach respect for nature and show how to grow food without harming nature.

The competition will be an excellent opportunity for schools, parents, and local residents to unite for a common goal: to create conditions for improving school meals and the quality of education of Tajik schoolchildren.

Join the Best School Mini Garden competition and contribute to our children's future.

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