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SIFI signs new field level agreement with UN WFP in Tajikistan

The coronavirus and the related restrictions do not stop us from working for the benefit of young schoolchildren with our partner, WFP.

On December 9 during an online meeting SIFI and UN WFP in Tajikistan entered into a new field level agreement for the period 2021-2023.

What awaits primary school students in Tajikistan for the next three years:

  • the National School Meals Programme approval — funding for school meals will gradually pass into the hands of the government

  • creation of regional centers for the school cooks trainings — cooks trained in all the intricacies of preparing high-quality, nutritious and healthy for the growing body meals will cook for schoolchildren

  • development and implementation of optimal school meals models for specific contexts — the school menu will depend on various factors: the presence of school farms, the willingness of parents to make a feasible financial contribution or bring additional food, and much more

  • establishment of training centers in schools to educate the population about healthy nutrition among schoolchildren, children under the age of five, pregnant and lactating women

  • sustainable food supply chains (production, storage, distribution, processing) — only high-quality products will be delivered to school canteens

  • public awareness of the School Meals Programme and the principles of healthy nutrition — moms and dads, grandparents, children and grandchildren — everyone will know what to do and how to eat so that the little student grow healthy and develop correctly

  • parents' participation in the School Meals Programme — parents will pay more attention to what and how their child eats at school.