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Cooking delicious meals is family matter!

Spend quality time with the family, have fun and be presented with the opportunity to win nice prizes - all this was offered to the people of Kyrgyzstan on the International Day of Families – the Day proclaimed by the UN General Assembly back in 1993 and celebrated each year on May 15th.

This year, as part of educational campaign, SIFI and UN WFP for the first time held an online family competition. From May 12 to June 1, participants had to choose a recipe for any dish from the collection "Little Chef" on the School Meals Optimization Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic website, prepare it with their children and post a photo or video of the cooking process on social networks. The challenge was accepted by forty families and, judging by the published videos, they enjoyed both the process itself and the final result, sharing their culinary skills with thousands of users.

In the collection "Little Chef" we offer twenty recipes for delicious and easy to cook dishes. The contestants singled out their favorite ones. This way, six participants chose to cook "Eggs in Pepper", which, as the videos showed, can be both a great breakfast and a wonderful dinner. Draniki with potatoes and strawberry-banana cocktail only fell a little bit behind this dish.
Kompot was popular as well. It was nice to see that the participants started cooking kompote from cherries by picking them directly from their garden, thereby emphasizing one of the principles of healthy eating – choose products that were produced locally.

A famous blogger Zeynep opened the online competition by preparing a strawberry-banana cocktail with her children and mother. "After giving birth, being next to your mother feels having a special care from your family" - Zeynep commented on her post. Tiktokers from the first Central Asian TikTok house Crush House also joined this campaign. Their pancakes became an example of a creative uniting video, because these guys are also a kind of family. Cook and then eat this delicious dish together is always more fun.

Cooking a healthy meal can and should be a family activity, positive and bonding. The comments from the participants of the competition reaffirm this:
  • All day long we cooked, laughed, filmed and edited the video.
  • My three were delighted: with such interest they prepared a banana and strawberry cocktail, and when they tried this healthy tasty drink prepared by themselves, they asked me to do it again.
  • In our family, our three-year-old son Dair is a little Chef. Showing so much patience and love, our eldest son, who is already 5 years old, supervises him in the activity that he himself knows very well.
  • For dinner, my husband and I tried a dish prepared by our children. It is so nice that kids made us such a delight. All this stays in the children’s memory, is saved in the archive and brings us joy throughout the years!
  • The eldest son did not eat tomatoes, but, surprisingly, he loved this snack with tomatoes and cheese. Now I know how to serve him tomatoes.
  • These sirniki saved today's rainy day.
  • We both gained positive and cheerful emotions while filming this video. And I, as a mother, was happy to see my son masterly voicing the steps and behaving like a true Chef in the kitchen. The dish was finished in a gist!
  • The tea from seaberries tasted and smelled so good. I’ve been enjoying it for two days now.

The winners of the competition were randomly determined. As a result, the scooter, fitness bracelets, jump ropes and backpacks found their lucky owners. But, most importantly, all the participants in our contest realized that the preparation of tasty and healthy dishes can still be pleasant family activity, and there is no argument that the food you prepare yourself tastes better for children!
And the final scene from the video of one of the participants seems to say: "This competition is not the last one!"

Find your favourite recipe from our collection “Little Chef”.
Cook with us, cook like us, cook better than us!