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New school meals menu options for pilot schools in Rogun, Nurabad, Rasht, Tajikabad and Lakhsh regions were presented in Tajikistan

Today in Nurabad, SIFI specialists Sukhrob Babadjanov and Igor Kharkov spoke the headmasters of Rogun, Nurabad, Rasht, Tajikabad and Lakhsh pilot schools, representatives of parent committees and local education departments about four options of balanced menu developed by SIFI.

The new menu will help to diversify students ration and increase its nutritional value. Parents of students from pilot schools will need to decide how much they are willing to invest in school meals. Depending on these contributions' size the pilot schools cooks will be able to prepare, according to one of the presented menu options, balanced and healthy meals for children.

They can choose from four different at a cost sets of products, from which they will make rations many times better in nutritional value and variety of products than today's ration.

We remind that in March of this year, our experts have already made a presentation of the menu for the pilot schools of the Khatlon region.