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His study tour of school canteens Daniel Balaban continued in Rostov

Together with Vladimir Chernigov, they visited one of the four schools of the city - the school based canteen, which cooks and delivers food to three more schools. At school No. 4, about 1,100 breakfasts and 600 lunches are prepared every day.

Guests met with the head of the district Shokin Sergey Valerievich. Discussing the organization of school meals in Rostov, Daniel tried traditional omelettes and cutlets with mashed potatoes. The guest liked the school dishes very much, as did the children. Mr. Balaban noted that everyone ate their meals very quickly and nothing left on the plates.

Mr. Balaban also shared Brazil's experience in organizing school meals. They are completely free of charge for all children from kindergarten until graduation (total 45 million students). And he expressed his hope that in Russia this will also be so. The first steps are already being taken - free meals for all students in grades 1-4.

An interesting fact about school meals in Brazil: one of the sources of funding school meals is the lottery. All lotteries here are state-owned (private are prohibited) and the proceeds from the sale of tickets go to school meals!