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The school meals web-portal launched in Kyrgyzstan

Caring for the health of the younger generation, SIFI, together with the UN WFP and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, launched a web-portal on schoolchildren nutrition

The website contains detailed information on how to improve child nutrition at school and at home, as well as learn the best practices of Kyrgyz schools in organizing healthy hot meals.

How are hot meals provided in Kyrgyz schools?

Since 2006, the Government of Kyrgyzstan has been running a National School Meals Programme in the country. From the state budget, from 7 to 10 soms are allocated (depending on the region) in order to provide primary school students with food once a day. In the city of Bishkek, at the expense of the mayor's office, this amount is 14 soms. But in terms of nutritional value, the ration turns out to be rather modest — tea with milk and a bun or other confectionery.

Since 2013, significant changes have taken place in the Programme. Schools have begun to switch to hot meals, supported by international organizations and local communities representatives.

Today, as a result of the active implementation of the WFP Programme on school meals optimization 700 schools in Kyrgyzstan provide children with hot meals every school day: soup or porridge, fresh baked goods and compote.

To maximize the variety of delicious and healthy meals on the menu, the SIFI team partnered with WFP to develop the School Meals Recipe Book, featuring over 120 nutritious options. Also, thanks to the joint work of partners, many schools, including those in remote areas, prepare food using modern equipment, and school chefs are constantly improving their skills.

By 2023, it is planned to transfer all schools in the country to balanced and varied hot meals.

Web-portal for parents

The improvement and development of school meals in kyrgyz schools has become possible due to the active participation of parents and local governments in the Programme.

However, not all parents in Kyrgyzstan are aware of the implemented School Meals Programme. Many people do not realize that they can help improve their child's nutrition at school. The web-portal will help you navigate this topic and learn everything about the organization of school meals in the country, including how you can establish a balanced diet for your child at school.

Here you can also read the recommendations of experts on healthy nutrition for children outside the school.

Adherents of healthy eating and active users of the website in Kyrgyzstan can take part in online contests with their children and receive pleasant gifts for winning.