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This time in Kyrgyzstan: WFP presents the Recipe Book for school meals

On October 10, 2019 in Bishkek, WFP will present a Recipe Book for school meals developed jointly with SIFI.

Why are we creating Recipe Books?

We want the children in the school canteen to eat everything to the last crumbs, so that the food was a joy to them, so that they would not just come out of the table full, but in a good mood after a tasty, at the same time and healthy lunch.

What is needed for this? The hand of the master — in our case, the school cook — and a reliable tool to help him is a Recipe Book from which he can draw inspiration and prepare a variety of balanced dishes. Desirable — every day new!

Kyrgyz cuisine is distinguished by originality and national identity. Therefore, the authors involved school cooks and parents to create the Book. Together they compiled a list of dishes of national cuisine that were familiar and loved by children, which we included in the Book, adapting them for use in school meals.

The Book contains not only recipes. There is plenty of relevant information on the rules and tips on organizing school meals: What can and cannot be used in cooking. How to cook a familiar dish to make it tasty and healthy for a child? How to preserve vitamins and minerals in vegetables during cooking? How to cut the ingredients for soup, main course or salad?

We also added background information about the rational nutrition of schoolchildren, the rules of personal hygiene for cooks and workers of the cafeteria, about the benefits of vitamins, minerals and water for a growing child's body.

The presentation will be held in an interactive format. First, in a panel discussion, guests will discuss the creation of the Recipe Book, its role in the School Meals Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The second part of the presentation will be an interactive quest for guests, as a result of which three teams of participants will pass "initiation into school cooks" during a culinary contest and prepare three dishes according to the recipes of the Book.

Ready meals will be submitted to the jury. Let's see how easy it is to be a school chef;)

The presentation starts at 11:00 at the address: 288/1 Zhibek-Zholu Avenue, Bishkek city.