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Our actions are our future – Healthy diets for all! The Healthy Food Festival was carried out in Tajikistan

On Saturday, October 12, in the historic city of Hisor UN WFP, UN FAO and SIFI organized the Healthy Food Festival to mark the World Food Day.

That day the city of Gissar in Tajikistan became a center of attraction for all who are not indifferent to the topic of proper nutrition.

Children and their parents, students and schoolchildren, international organizations and representatives of local authorities all came together at the Healthy Food Festival to mark one of the most popular holidays on the UN calendar - World Food Day.

The holiday turned out to be large-scale. On the territory of the City Park of Culture was the Healthy Nutrition Fair, where local producers and farmers presented the their natural products.

After making sure of the variety of delicious and natural local products, the gueasts could go to culinary master classes and learn how to use these products with benefit for health: to prepare healthy and nutritious snacks or main dishes. Many of them were from traditional Tajik cuisine, but specially adapted for healthy eating.

Young participants received a lot of positive emotions, gifts, photos with the symbols of the Festival, and most importantly - knowledge on the topic of a healthy lifestyle from an interactive perfomance, thematic games and workshops.

We believe that holding such holidays is very important! And the main thing here is not entertainment and gifts. The meaning of such festivals is much deeper - to educate adults and children on healthy nutrition. To prove that eating right from childhood is simple, and most importantly useful. That it does not need a lot of money - healthy natural products are available to everyone. And the right eating habits should be formed from childhood, since they directly affect the future of the child, his health, growth and proper development.