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Tajikistan has begun to develop a National Programme for the Development of School Feeding

On July 7, in Dushanbe, members of the working group - experts in the development of strategic and program documents - held their first meeting. The experts began with identifying the main directions of the Programme and assigning responsibilities.

It is planned that under the Programme from 2022 to 2027 the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan will work to gradually cover hot meals in all schools of the country with state funding.

The development of the National School Feeding Programme in Tajikistan is a significant step towards building the sustainability of the school feeding system, which in the future will allow feeding every primary school student with a balanced hot lunch to provide strength and energy for the school day.

Today, school meals are provided to pupils living in rural areas of the country. Thanks to WFP and SIFI, a set of products is supplied to schools, from which hot soup and other national dishes are prepared for children. The voluntary contribution of the students' parents, as well as school farms, interschool bakeries, allow to diversify the menu. This is how natural vegetables and herbs, berries and fruits directly from the garden, and freshly baked bread appear on the tables of the school canteen.