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In Kyrgyzstan, the SIFI team handed over the furniture for school canteen to the school № 1 in Orlovka

More than 900 schools in Kyrgyzstan feed their students with hot meals. But, unfortunately, not every school has an opportunity to put the children at good tables and chairs. In many school canteens the state of the furniture is rather poor and often it's amount is insufficient.

Today, in one of such schools we organized Kids Fest, dedicated to the International School Meals Day, and presented a set of new furniture. Now in school № 1 in the city of Orlovka, Chui region, children will be very glad to have their tasty and healthy lunch at the new tables and chairs.

At the Fest more than 150 young schoolchildren took part in our interactive show "School of Healthy Lifestyle", where through games the Superagents taught children the rules of a healthy lifestyle. But what was our surprise when the schoolchildren, without hesitation, correctly answered all the questions of the actors. It turned out that the school regularly carries thematic classes and the children know everything about how to eat and take care of their health.

Our Superagents, of course, had no choice but to accept all 150 students as professional Superagents of Healthy Lifestyle and present them special badges and locally made superagent bars made from nuts and dried fruits.