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SIFI President Vladimir Chernigov takes part in the II UNESCO World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education in Uzbekistan

The II World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education (WCECCE) opened today at the Tashkent Congress Center and will last until November 16.

The organizers of the global forum are UNESCO and the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan. About 1500 delegates from more than 150 countries take part in the conference events. One of the participants, including heads of international organizations and financial institutions, ministers of education of UNESCO member countries, as well as leading experts in the field of science and education, was Vladimir Chernigov, SIFI President.

The conference was opened by the Minister of Pre-School Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Agrippina Shin: “It is wonderful that many like-minded people from all over the world have gathered here today to develop a common approach to the upbringing and education of young children. I am deeply convinced that all the goals and objectives set before us within the framework of the conference will be achieved and will become the key to further ensuring inclusive and high-quality education to promote the possibility of lifelong learning. We must change education itself if we are to change the world. We believe that together we can influence the global transformation of the entire education system at the world level, we must make it better and better for the sake of the future of our children.”

The conference is carried out every 10 years to confirm the rights of all young children to quality upbringing and education, to assess the progress of member countries in achieving sustainable development goals related to young children, as well as to share best practices and innovative technologies in this area.

Based on the results of the conference, a final document will be adopted - the Tashkent Declaration, which will determine the international agenda in the field of preschool education until 2030. The final document will be translated into the six official UN languages ​​and distributed to all UNESCO Member States.

The first events of the conference took place on the eve of its official launch. So, on November 13, the “path” of the conference began with the “green step”, symbolizing an environmentally friendly and strategic approach to preschool education. Delegates from foreign countries, headed by the Minister of Preschool Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan Agrippina Shin and the Deputy Director General for Education of UNESCO Stefania Giannini, visited Puchon University in Tashkent, where they planted a nominal alley of trees.

On the same day, the Forum of Civil Society Organizations and the Forum “Non-Governmental Organizations: Joint Commitments” were carried out, at which the importance of preschool education, as well as healthy nutrition in preschool and educational institutions was actively discussed, with the participation of the Minister of Preschool Education, Agrippina Shin.

As a reminder, the first UNESCO World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Educationwas carried out in September 2010 in Moscow.