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Magical world of health: Kyrgyz primary school children enter School of Young Detectives to solve fruit and vegetable cases

On April 15, an exciting adventure kicked off in the schools of Naryn, Chui, Osh, Batken and Jalalabad regions of Kyrgyzstan to take children and adults on a fun and educational journey through the world of healthy products.

The UN World Food Programme and the Russian Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute (SIFI) launched an awareness campaign dubbed "The School of Young Detectives", where every participant can become a true professional, revealing the secrets of delicious and nutritious products for good health. The event is timed to coincide with two important dates: International School Meals Day and International Family Day.

Upon entering the unusual school, children and their teachers will explore the gardens blossoming across the country, acquire a knowledge of what fruits and vegetables grow in Kyrgyzstan, and learn how they benefit our health. The children will discover the world of harmful and healthy products and learn how to choose the foods necessary for proper growth and development. Together, they will play, solve riddles, and learn to eat a balanced diet.

Parents are also invited to seminars on healthy eating. They will learn how to properly cook healthy and delicious meals for the whole family, how to choose quality products in the store, and how to reduce the amount of food waste. It will be interesting and useful for everyone!

On the graduation day of The School of Young Detectives, the children will participate in a team game, during which everyone will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of healthy eating and the ability to have fun together.

The School of Young Detectives will operate for a whole month, involving adults and children in the world of amazing tastes and healthy discoveries. Stay tuned!