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International Year of Vegetables and Fruits is officially open!

Yesterday in Tajikistan, together with our respected partners — UN WFP and FAO, school students and their parents, we celebrated the beginning of the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly, in order to remind the population of the benefits of these products once again.

The event, which was attended by over 300 participants, was held at school #15 of the Vakhsh region. Here the organizers launched a whole festival with a variety of entertainments for every taste — the theatrical performance "The Mysterious Kidnapping in Kitchenville", master classes on making slimes, making fruit caps from balloons, cooking vegetables and fruits from air plasticine.

Adults were invited to take master classes on making summer salads from a school meal recipe book, fresh summer drinks from vegetables and fruits, as well as smart canning, which allows you to preserve the maximum benefit in products for the whole winter. Famous actors and TV presenters took part in the master classes together with parents and teachers.

The students prepared a small concert with songs and dances, as well as a craft fair, where exhibits made by the students themselves were presented.

Another fair was prepared by FAO — more than 15 types of vegetables and fruits of local production were presented here.

Similar events dedicated to the International Year of Fruit and Vegetables will continue to be held in Tajikistan with the aim of promoting healthy eating, especially among children and the population in general.