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The Coordination Council on school meals in Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, school meals have not yet reached the state level. While the government is developing its national school meals system, primary school students are fed under the WFP School Meals Programme.

But all of us together with the Government of Tajikistan, are working to ensure that all primary school students can get their well-deserved breakfast or lunch at school as soon as possible!

The day before the start of the school year, on August 31, the Interdepartmental Coordination Council on school meals was carried out in Tajikistan.

The list of participants has been updated. Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan Zulfiya Abdusamatzoda became the chairman of the council. The new members of the council got acquainted with the results of the implementation of the Sustainable School Feeding Development Strategy in Tajikistan for the period until 2027. Learned about the work done by WFP and SIFI over the past seven years.

In some pilot schools, with the support of the UN WFP, they have created subsidiary farms: they breed bees and rabbits. The new initiative has proven itself well, so the project was decided to continue in other pilot schools.

The pressing issues also was discussed: how to continue providing school meals to students in the context of the spread of COVID-19. Zulfiya Abdusamatzoda noted that the epidemiological situation with COVID-19 threatens the whole world, and during this period we must redouble our efforts to improve school meals, since one of the ways to prevent this disease is to increase the immunity of children.