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World Food Day continues in Armenia

Today, in honor of the holiday, we, together with the UN WFP and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia, organized a number of activities for kids.

On the official website of the Ministry, parents can download the Mission Possible quest for children.

The quest will be interesting for children aged 7-11. Parents need to read the instructions, download and print ready-made quest cards and, secretly from the children, arrange tasks around the house. And children, in turn, must complete all tasks and save our planet and humanity from diseases and environmental problems. The quest's tasks touch upon current topics of a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, hygiene and responsible consumption.

Meanwhile, in the school of the Hayravank village of Gegharkunik marz, an offline event was carried out for 63 primary school children - team building in the format of sports competitions "Vitamin hurly burly".

The participants were invited to the largest and most unique laboratory-farm, where healthy fruits and vegetables are collected every day. These ingredients are used to prepare a magic elixir of vitality and spirit, rich in vitamins. But the excursion did not take place, something went wrong on the farm. The farm lab staff urgently needed the help of the children to restore their work.

Children divided into teams to pass all the necessary tasks, get a healthy orange for each, and in the end exchange it for an invigorating portion of vitamins in the form of orange juice.

It turned out to be fun, informative and unforgettable!