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Trainings on the updated programme for cooks started today in Tajikistan

Today in Rasht we carried out the first day of training for cooks of pilot schools in Rogun and Nurabad, Tajikabad and Lakhsh districts.

The results of previous trainings in Khatlon showed that the training programme needs to be changed. The cooks did not have time to learn the new material, did not understand some of the important nuances. Therefore, our specialists improved the programme and extended it by one day.

Today we are testing a new approach. Realizing that too much theory overloads the perception of information, we reduced it and added more practice so that students can learn the material as effectively as possible.

Now thе theory block is accompanied by a practice block. Today, for example, at the lecture the cooks learned about the rules of school canteen arrangement, safety measures when working with inventory, sanitary rules and regulations, rules for accepting and storing products, as well as the principles of drawing up the menu and developing school rations.

Then they immediately went to the canteen itself and saw everything with their own eyes, tried to make their own menu of the proposed dishes, count the number of calories and nutrients. Our technologist Igor Kharkov answered all the questions and explained in practice the specific work of school canteen.

We are sure that this approach will allow more time to be spent on working out theoretical skills in practice and help better learning of material.