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World Food Day was celebrated today in Tajikistan

Today is one of the most famous holidays in the UN calendar - World Food Day! In many countries the holiday is celebrated on a grand scale. In the Ismaili Center of Dushanbe - the capital of Tajikistan - FAO, WFP and SIFI organized big fest for children and adults.

Among the participants were representatives of sectoral ministries, diplomatic missions, United Nations actors and other international organizations, students and school children.

The motto of the World Food Day 2018 - "Our Actions are Our Future!". The holiday is dedicated to the second Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 2) - "Zero Hunger", aimed at ending malnutrition in all forms, improving the diet of vulnerable groups of the population and achieving sustainable agricultural development for food provision.

The event was started by thematic workshops where participants learned about fruits and vegetables grown in Tajikistan and their benefits for the organizm. Guests also received advice on how to cook healthy and nutritious meals with these products and how they can diversify their daily diet.

All the guests also enjoyed children dancing performances, exhibition of the healthy nutrition drawings from contests organized by FAO and WFP, the Puppet show: "Our future is in our hands", FAO's and WFP's beneficiary success stories and thematic quiz.

In the final part of the event there was an interactive game for children from SIFI "School of healthy lifestyle". At the exciting classes for strong and healthy superagents the children learned basic rules of hygiene, daily routine, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Children also took part in workshops on making simple and healthy sandwiches, which they can easily cook at home for themselves and their family as healthy snacks.

The event finished with a touching farewell ceremony, during which the guests launched balloons in the sky to wish happy and well-fed childhood to all the children around the world.