In close cooperation with WFP we have strengthened the national capacity to implement and manage the optimized school feeding and assisted the Government with development of solid policy documents. The National School Feeding Programme was launched in 2006 under the law on 'Organization of Feeding in General Education Schools of the Kyrgyz Republic'. It has been focusing on ensuring all primary school children receive state-funded meals in schools. However, school meals largely consisted of black tea and a bun or sweets bringing small nutritional value to children. Therefore, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic committed to revise National school feeding through the development of a national school meals policy and introduction of improved and cost-efficient meals in schools.

In 2013 the Government requested the UN World Food Programme (WFP) to provide technical assistance to optimize the existing school feeding. Within the development project 'School Meals Optimization in the Kyrgyz Republic' (DEV 200176), WFP and SIFI, as a cooperating partner, provide technical assistance to enhance existing school feeding programme in the Kyrgyz Republic.
On December 8, 2018 for the first time the Healthy Nutrition Festival was carried out in Bishkek under the WFP project on school feeding optimization.
Healthy Nutrition Festival
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