Partnership with UN WFP

Since 2010, we have been developing and implementing sustainable school feeding programs in six countries, providing technical support to the development projects of the UN World Food Program.
We have been successfully applying many years of experience in national projects at the international level
Partnership with UN FAO

Since 2016, jointly with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, we've been working on pilot projects aimed at the interaction of schools with local farmers in Armenia Tajikistan and Kyrgyz Republic.
Everyday we work hard to fight hunger by establishing comprehensive school meals programmes in six countries
We provide students with balanced nutrition in vulnerable regions and help implement the National School Nutrition Program throughout the country.
We carry out the School Meals Development Programme and work on all the necessary documents so that school meals become available at the National level.
We assist the Government in the development and optimization of the existing National School Meals Programme in the country.
We are helping to improve the National School Meals Programme so that all primary and secondary school children receive balanced, varied and delicious meals made from locally produced foods.
We have developed a strategy for Sustainable school meals and carried out activities to transfer experience in its implementation.
We have helped to improve the National School Meals Programme, in particular by increasing its cost-effectiveness.
We have helped to improve the quality and sustainability of the National School Nutrition Program, including through a pilot project to create a mini-bakery.
In Tunisia
In Morocco
In Jordan
We are working to improve coordination between food security and nutrition programs and strategies, agricultural development and social protection.
We installed three greenhouse options in three pilot schools in order to increase the nutritional value of schoolchildren rations through fresh vegetables and greens.
We installed 22 unheated greenhouses with a drip irrigation system in 20 schools in order to diversify the school menu with natural products straight from the garden.
We created the Logistics Center to provide high-quality, fresh and natural produce for school canteens directly from local producers.
In Armenia
In Tajikistan
In Kyrgyz Republic
School Food and Nutrition Programme Linked to Agricultural Sector
The project is being implemented by the UN FAO and SIFI in Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

The goal of the project is to reduce the poverty level of the rural population, and it is aimed at strengthening food security and reducing all forms of malnutrition in the three mentioned countries. It is planned to achieve this through improved coordination between programs and strategies in the field of food security and nutrition, agricultural development and social protection of the population.

So the project will help these countries achieve SDG 2: put an end to hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition of the population, as well as promote sustainable agriculture.

One of the project components is "Implementing school nutrition development programs related to agricultural production". We provide technical assistance to FAO in its implementation.

In developing proposals for the content of this component, we proceeded from the existing experience of Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in developing national school feeding programs and, accordingly, the level of school feeding development in each of the countries.