The main focus of the Project was to enhance the operational aspect of the National Programme for Schoolchildren in School and Boarding Schools, in particular by increasing economic effectiveness of the programme.
In the framework of cooperation with UN WFP Social and Industrial Foodservice Institute provided technical assistance to the development project "Capacity development and support for national school feeding programme" in Morocco.
We started with a comprehensive assessment of the National School Feed Programme.

The following information was collected:
  • On the existing opportunities for institutional management, including human resources at the central, regional and local levels;
  • On the potential for decentralization and community participation;
  • On the legal organizational structure and the existing national policy;
  • On nutrition and food safety in relation to school meals;
  • On the supply management system.
Based on the findings of the comprehensive assessment, the National School Feeding Strategy Action Plan was developed, which was discussed at a specially organized seminar with the participation of all interested parties.

The Action Plan includes:
  • Decentralization of school feeding management and the transfer of some functions and responsibilities to the regional level;
  • Strengthening the system for monitoring and managing the programme;
  • Development of the potential of representatives of all stakeholders through special training;
  • Development of manuals and instructions for the management of school meals;
  • Development of more varied rations and balanced menus for school meals.
In addition, the Action Plan foresees the implementation of pilot projects, previously agreed with the Ministry of Education of Morocco. One of the projects includes the creation of a central-base dining room for food production and their transportation to school canteens, which can not independently prepare food. In this canteen management of all processes will be transferred to the operator on the basis of an outsourcing contract.

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